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Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Restaurants are a cornerstone of America's economy, in addition to being the nation's largest private-sector employer generating an annual economic impact of $1 Trillion. According to industry analysts, every dollar spent dining out generates more than two dollars for other industries. The restaurant industry contributes significantly to the economy and employs approximately 15 percent of the tri-state area's workers, attracting millions of customers each year, and is one of the fastest growing economic sectors.

When developing a restaurant marketing plan, our marketing consultants will help you develop restaurant marketing strategies with our restaurant marketing associates.

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Restaurant Marketing Plan

Our team of restaurant marketing consultants have experience in:
- Business planning for Mexican restaurant /cantina
- Marketing for Indian restaurant / buffet
- Marketing plan for french restaurant and bistro
- Advertising design for Chinese restaurant / take-out
- Business and marketing plan for Irish bar & brewery
- Marketing strategy - Greek restaurant / pita fast food
- Advertising for Spanish restaurant / tapas
- Feasibility study for Cuban restaurant / dance bar
- Market research for Italian restaurant / pizza store
- Marketing ideas Russian restaurant / vodka bar
- Advertising and marketing for German restaurant/ brew pub
- Marketing help for Japanese restaurant/ sushi bar
- Business plan for Thai take-out restaurant

Contact us: example of restaurant marketing plan - our food service industry experts have helped open, launch and market new restaurants, bars, lounges, bistros and cafes worldwide. We are restaurant marketing professionals!

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Funding for restaurant idea:

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To attract investors for your restaurant - entrepreneurs and restaurant owners need to focus on:

- The creation of a distinctive, inviting and friendly atmosphere that will provide a new dining experience in a growing market.
- To provide a growing and loyal customer base with the highest level of service, focus on quality, and attention to detail.
- Controlling costs at all times, in all areas.
- Hiring the best people available, training, motivating and encouraging them, and thereby retaining the most attentive and efficient staff possible.
- Continually researching the market to keep on top of trends and customer tastes.
- Conducting ongoing marketing and promotional activities.

Our team has developed marketing plans for new restaurants internationally!

Restaurant Marketing Consultants

Although the restaurant and bar industry is very competitive, the lifestyle changes created by modern living continue to fuel its steady growth. Our restaurant marketing team believes that these trends are very important and that any new restaurant needs to be well positioned for growth and success, in addition to attracting investors (and banks).

Restaurant Industry Today

The food service business is the third largest industry in the country. It accounts for over $240 billion annually in sales. The independent restaurant accounts for 15% of that total. The average American spends 15% of his/her income on meals away from home. This number has been increasing for the past seven years. In the past five years the restaurant industry has out-performed the national GNP by 40%. The reasons given by the market research and industry analysis contained in the Folkney Report include: 1) lifestyle changes, 2) economic climate, and 3) increase of product variety.

Our restaurant marketing plan consultants can assist you in preparing your - Marketing plan for restaurant

Owners and entrepreneurs in the restaurant business food service business (fast food, cafe, diner, four star) can contact our restaurant consultants to write a marketing plan for your restaurant today.

Marketing Plan for Restaurant

Contact our restaurant consultants today to develop your restaurant marketing plan. HJ Ventures has a great deal of restaurant marketing experience, with a focus on new restaurants. Our marketing expertise can give restaurant owners and startups the competitive advantages that they need to attract new customers, increase sales and operate a profitable restaurant. Contact our marketing team today to help you market your restaurant business. Developing a marketing plan for your restaurant is a critical step in opening your new restaurant.

Please contact us today at 877-334-4780 or if you would like to discuss strategy - Marketing plans for restaurants Contact us for a restaurant marketing plan to help your new restaurant startup, raise capital and succeed today!

Restaurant Marketing Plans

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