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Abandonment Definition
Abandonment Definition, A condition in which a mark has ceased to be registered & is now publicily available for registration. It may have been abandoned due to below standards quality or non use for more than three years. It can also be reregistered by the past holder of the mark. - Trademark lawyer

Acquiescence Definition
Acquiescence Definition, It is the unability to take any action against the breaching parties.It is also an indication that a trademark can be abandoned. - Trademark lawyer

Advertising Comparative Definition
Advertising Comparative Definition, Displaying one's adversary's trademarks in advertising campaigns.It is permissible only for comparison purposes & should not lead to confusion. - Trademark lawyer

Arbitrary Mark Definition
Arbitrary Mark Definition, Already existing words which do not have any link with the product they are registered for.They donít share any rational relationship.Like- Surf for detergents or Apple for computers. - Trademark lawyer

Brand Name Definition
Brand Name Definition, Used as a synonym for trademark.Common in case of trademarked goods. - Trademark lawyer

Cancellation of Trademark Definition
Cancellation of Trademark Definition, It is a situation in which the trademark ceases to exist with the owner. It may happen because it is a generic mark,is creating confusion or also below standard quality of product or service. - Trademark lawyer

Cease and Desist Letter Definition
Cease and Desist Letter Definition, A letter through which a holder of trademark demands the other company to stop using that trademark. - Trademark lawyer

Certification Mark Definition
Certification Mark Definition, Products and services which meet some predefined quality standards are given the certification marks. - Trademark lawyer

Coined Terms Definition
Coined Terms Definition, Also known as fanciful terms. These are terms specially created for some products or services. They do not connote any meanings as such. - Trademark lawyer

Collective Definition
Collective Definition, At times copyright owners become part of a group and this group is called collective. - Trademark lawyer

Collective Mark Definition
Collective Mark Definition, A mark used by the members of the group so as to identify themselves as part of it. - Trademark lawyer

Combined Application Definition
Combined Application Definition, An application which is filled in at the time of registration and comprises of several transnational classes in which one can register the trademark. - Trademark lawyer

Common Law Trademark TM Definition
Common Law Trademark TM Definition, See Unregistered Trademarks (TM) - to understand the legal protection against trademark infringement. - Trademark lawyer

Concurrent Use Definition
Concurrent Use Definition, Usage of a single trademark by more than one person.The areas of such usage are clearly defined in order to avoid any conflict. It can be for identical or comparable products and services. - Trademark lawyer

Concurrent Use Proceeding Definition
Concurrent Use Proceeding Definition, The process involved in the application and registration of a concurrent user for a trademark.A specified time period is alloted in which the co user has to respond to the application for the registration. - Trademark lawyer

Constructive Notice Definition
Constructive Notice Definition, This notice replaces the necessity that the defendant should be in actuality aware of plaintiff's prior use of the trademark. - Trademark lawyer

Constructive Use Definition
Constructive Use Definition, It is the usage of the trademark which is taken into consideration even though the usage might have not have actually taken place. - Trademark lawyer

Copyright Definition
Copyright Definition, It is a protection that the owner of an original work is entitled to and prohibits the unauthorized use of it by others.The original work can be - literary work, movie, music, painting etc. - Trademark lawyer

Copyright Act Definition
Copyright Act Definition, It is an act which governs the rules and regulations regarding the copyright. - Trademark lawyer

Copyright Infringement Definition
Copyright Infringement Definition, A breach of any copyright by illicit use of it or using it without prior permission from the holder f it. - Trademark lawyer

Copyright Office Definition
Copyright Office Definition, It is an office where the copyrights are registered before use. - Trademark lawyer

Copyright Symbol Definition
Copyright Symbol Definition, It designates that the mark is registered with concerned country's government agency which functions specifically with matters relating to trademarks.Itís a registration symbol awarded only after the process of applying for a trademark is completed.It is to be used only on products & services listed with the application. - Trademark lawyer

Copyright Term Definition
Copyright Term Definition, A pre specified time period for which a copyright is registered. The term can be extended by renewal of registration. - Trademark lawyer

Corporate Name Definition
Corporate Name Definition, A name adopted by a company or an organization for the purpose of its business.It can be a trademark also. - Trademark lawyer

Counterfeit Goods Definition
Counterfeit Goods Definition, Products which are not authorized to carry on business by using an identical or nearly similar trademark registered for some other product, are classified as counterfeit goods. - Trademark lawyer

Counterfeiting Definition
Counterfeiting Definition, The activity of using forged mark by counterfeit goods. - Trademark lawyer

Crown Copyright Definition
Crown Copyright Definition, The copyright of works which are exclusively published by the government. - Trademark lawyer

Damages Definition
Damages Definition, The compensation awarded to the plaintiff for the infringed use of the trademark or copyright and the losses arising thereof. - Trademark lawyer

Deceptive Marks Definition
Deceptive Marks Definition, Marks which mislead the consumers as to the nature or the origin of the goods and services.They do not clearly define the nature of the goods and consumers rely on them for their purchases. - Trademark lawyer

Defensive Registration Definition
Defensive Registration Definition, The protection of the trademark by registering it in a seperate class though is not a common practise to do so. - Trademark lawyer

Descriptive Mark Definition
Descriptive Mark Definition, Marks which describes or indicates the nature of the product. - Trademark lawyer

Dilution Definition
Dilution Definition, Illicit use of a mark which thereby stains the image of the original mark. - Trademark lawyer

Disclaimer Trademark Registration Definition
Disclaimer Trademark Registration Definition, Disclaimer in a Trademark Registration: It is an announcement by the trademark holder that he does not have exclusive right for the use of any portion of that mark. - Trademark lawyer

Distinctive Definition
Distinctive Definition, The uniqueness of the mark,because of which consumers can distinguish the product from others. - Trademark lawyer

Duration Definition
Duration Definition, A time period for which a trademark is registered after which it is subject to renewal. - Trademark lawyer

Examination Definition
Examination Definition, The process of checking conducted by the governing body at the time of applying for a registration of a mark .It is aimed at eliminating the possibilities of its near resemblance or a conflict with any other mark. - Trademark lawyer

Exceptions Definition
Exceptions Definition, It is an exception to the case of infringement of a copyight.It is a special provision which allows the work to be reproduced without the permission of the owner.For example the users can be-educational institutions and libraries. - Trademark lawyer

Exclusive License Definition
Exclusive License Definition, A special arrangement under which an agency is authorised by the mark owner to use the trademark for specific purposes only. - Trademark lawyer

Exclusive Licensee Definition
Exclusive Licensee Definition, The agency which has been granted the use of the mark. - Trademark lawyer

Exclusive Licensor Definition
Exclusive Licensor Definition, The trademark holder who allows the usage of its mark to a specified agency. - Trademark lawyer

Exclusiveo wnership Definition
Exclusiveo wnership Definition, The ownership of a mark which is not to be used by any other agency. - Trademark lawyer

Exclusive Rights Definition
Exclusive Rights Definition, The right given to the owner of the mark to use it exclusively and prohibits others from its usage as well as of similar marks. - Trademark lawyer

Family of Marks Definition
Family of Marks Definition, Family of Marks - For businesses using a group of trademarks, with a single common component can seek trademark protection. - Trademark lawyer

Famous Mark Definition
Famous Mark Definition, A special mark which is widely familiar with public. - Trademark lawyer

Fanciful Mark Definition
Fanciful Mark Definition, Same as coined terms. These are terms specially created for some products or services - Trademark lawyer

Forbidden Marks Definition
Forbidden Marks Definition, Marks which cannot be registered. It includes, marks depicting a living person's name , known national personality , immoral marks etc. - Trademark lawyer

Foreign Use Trademark Definition
Foreign Use Trademark Definition, For companies exporting products or services overseas, you should consult with a trademark attorney, as your rights will vary from country to country for each trademark. - Trademark lawyer

Generic Marks Definition
Generic Marks Definition, A mark which depicts an entire class or category of goods or services and not a particular brand.These are not permitted to be used as trademarks. - Trademark lawyer

Geographical Territory Definition
Geographical Territory Definition, The area in which a trademark can be used.It defines the physical boundaries. - Trademark lawyer

Goods Definition
Goods Definition, The products which can be acknowledged with a trademark. - Trademark lawyer

Goodwill Definition
Goodwill Definition, An intangible value attributed to a business which enables a business to continue to earn a profit. - Trademark lawyer

Immoral Marks Scandalous Marks Definition
Immoral Marks Scandalous Marks Definition, Marks which connote moral offense and are not acceptable publicly are classified as immoral marks. - Trademark lawyer

Incontestability Definition
Incontestability Definition, A condition in which the trademark holder cannot be challenged for the exclusive rights granted for that mark. - Trademark lawyer

Intellectual Property Definition
Intellectual Property Definition, An asset which is intangible & is a creation of human mind. It can be an idea, invention, discovery, formula etc. Some examples of intellectual property are - patents, copyrights and trademarks. - Trademark lawyer

International Trademark Protection Definition
International Trademark Protection Definition, Many companies are interested in protecting their trademark internationally. Make sure you consult a trademark attorney to understand the limits / rights you may have in other international countries. - Trademark lawyer

Invalid Assignment Definition
Invalid Assignment Definition, A transfer of any assignment is valid if along with the transfer of mark, the goodwill associated with it is also transferred to the assignee. - Trademark lawyer

Lingual Marks Definition
Lingual Marks Definition, A word or a phrase which is used as a trademark. - Trademark lawyer

Misuse of Trademark Definition
Misuse of Trademark Definition, Wrong use of a mark or violation of law by the holder itself is termed as a misuse. - Trademark lawyer

Moral Rights Definition
Moral Rights Definition, Rights vested on the creator of a work.These rights allow the creator to be named as its author even after the copyright is sold to some other party. - Trademark lawyer

Naked Assignment Definition
Naked Assignment Definition, What is a naked assignment in a Trademark? Same as invalid assignment definition. - Trademark lawyer

Naked License Definition
Naked License Definition, The license granted without fulfilling the requirements of transfer. It may lead to the abandonment of the trademark. - Trademark lawyer

Notice of Copyright Definition
Notice of Copyright Definition, A notice which states the word "copyright", the symbol ©; the year of the first publication of the work; and the name of the owner of the copyrighted work. - Trademark lawyer

Ornamentation Definition
Ornamentation Definition, A characteristic of a product which has only aesthetic value and is generally not preserved under the laws governing the trademarks. - Trademark lawyer

Patent Definition
Patent Definition, A right granted by the Government to the inventor for the invention.It becomes inventor's property.The patent gives the inventor the exclusive rights to make,use,or sell the invention. - Trademark lawyer

Prior Registration Definition
Prior Registration Definition, The registration that was filed before others for the same mark with the governing body. - Trademark lawyer

Prior Use Definition
Prior Use Definition, The use of a trademark before the use of a similar trademark. It is the selling activities taken up using the mark before it is registered . - Trademark lawyer

Publicly Definition
Publicly Definition, Exhibiting a work to the public or communicating it to them. - Trademark lawyer

Punitive Damages Definition
Punitive Damages Definition, The punishment awarded by the court to the defendant for the misuse of the trademark. - Trademark lawyer

Rectify Definition
Rectify Definition, Cancellation or revocation of a trademark. - Trademark lawyer

Registered Trademark Definition
Registered Trademark Definition, For a registered trademark (from the US Patent & Trademark Office). You should place the (R) symbol in the upper right hand corner of the registered trademark. - Trademark lawyer

Royalty Definition
Royalty Definition, The amount paid to the copyright holder for using full or part of his creation. - Trademark lawyer

Service Mark Definition
Service Mark Definition, A service mark is any word, name, symbol, device, or any combination, used, or intended to be used, in commerce, to identify and distinguish the services of one provider from the services provided by others, and to indicate the source of the services. Similar to Trademark.But used in the context of services and not for products. - Trademark lawyer

Specimen Definition
Specimen Definition, Things which depict that a trademark is actually being put in use. A specimen clearly shows the mark on it. - Trademark lawyer

Suggestive Mark Definition
Suggestive Mark Definition, Marks that hint upon some feature or an attribute of a product but donít express the whole of it. - Trademark lawyer

Tariff Definition
Tariff Definition, It is levied for the use of copyrighted work. Typically a fees that is paid for the reproduction of the work. - Trademark lawyer

Text Marks Definition
Text Marks Definition, What are text marks? They are the same as Lingual Marks. - Trademark lawyer

Trade Dress Definition
Trade Dress Definition, The design or the packaging of a registered product. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Definition
Trademark Definition, A symbol, name , design etc. which establishes a distinct identity to a product from others in the same product class. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Application Definition
Trademark Application Definition, It is a form requesting for registering a trademark & addressed to the trademarks registering office. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Arbitration Definition
Trademark Arbitration Definition, Trademark usage disputes are generally reffered to one or more neutral persons.This pocess is called arbitration.It is generally not formal and is faster.The decisions so taken by the arbitrator(s) may or maynot be binding on both the parties. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Assignee Definition
Trademark Assignee Definition, The person or party in whose name the ownership of the trademark or copyright is transferred. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Assignment Definition
Trademark Assignment Definition, The legal transfer of ownership of copyright or trademark from one party to another party. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Attorney Definition
Trademark Attorney Definition, A professional having extensive knowledge of trademarks and usually deals with court cases relating to trademarks. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Author Definition
Trademark Author Definition, It is the creator of some work which has to be made a copyright. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Demand Definition
Trademark Demand Definition, Demand letters to others who try to pirate your mark by using the same or a deceptively similar mark (trademark) - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Fair Use Definition
Trademark Fair Use Definition, The opposite of infringement, it means that the mark is used in good faith and not for the purpose of deceiving. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Filing Definition
Trademark Filing Definition, The submission of application for the registration of a trademark. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Infringement Definition
Trademark Infringement Definition, Usage of a trademark or a similar trademark in order to create confusion or take advantage.Infringment happens if the prior consent of the mark holder is not taken. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Lawyer Definition
Trademark Lawyer Definition, Trademark Lawyer: Many inventors prefer to work with a trademark lawyer to file their applications and to defend any claims / issues surrounding their trademark. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Marking Definition
Trademark Marking Definition, A sign that shows that a trademark or copyright is registered. Depicted by symbols ģ, © & ô. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Mediation Definition
Trademark Mediation Definition, Usually an activity taken up by a third party who is responsible to settle the dispute and explore settlement options between the two parties. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Monopoly Definition
Trademark Monopoly Definition, When a company owns all of the US and International trademarks associated - also known as exclusive rights. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark notices Definition
Trademark notices Definition, Trademark notice gives the actual notice. Such notices should be used for each trademark in at least one prominent place in every medium in which the trademark appears. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Office Definition
Trademark Office Definition, It is an office where the trademarks are registered before use. Trademarks are often registered in the United States and Internationally. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Oppose Definition
Trademark Oppose Definition, Objection to a registration application by the concerned government agency. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Prosecution and Licensing Definition
Trademark Prosecution and Licensing Definition, Trademark lawyers can assist you in reviewing your trademark case and licensing options. Licensing of trademarks is a very profitable avenue for companies to review. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Publication Definition
Trademark Publication Definition, Reproduction of the work that is available to the public at large. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Record Definition
Trademark Record Definition, Registration of a trademark with the concerned trademark office. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Records Definition
Trademark Records Definition, It is an important for each company to develop a set of trademark records. Invoices, copies, receipts that clearly show the first use of your trademark. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Registration Definition
Trademark Registration Definition, A trademark registration (either international or USTPO) is the Record of filing the trademark application. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Renewal Definition
Trademark Renewal Definition, Reregistration after the expiry of the term. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Search Definition
Trademark Search Definition, When a trademark attorney searches / researches exisiting trademarks prior to filing a new trademark application. Same as Examination. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Searches Definition
Trademark Searches Definition, A trademark includes any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination used, or intended to be used, in commerce to identify and distinguish the goods of one manufacturer or seller from goods manufactured or sold by others, and to indicate the source of the goods. In short, a trademark is a brand name. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Symbol Definition
Trademark Symbol Definition, Denotes- "trademark" - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Use Definition
Trademark Use Definition, The selling of a product registered with a trademark. - Trademark lawyer

Trademark Value Definition
Trademark Value Definition, Trademark royalties (and valuation issues as well) are often the subject of long-running tax court litigation . - Trademark lawyer

Trade Name Definition
Trade Name Definition, A trade name (in a trademark application / dispute) is the same as a Corporate Name. - Trademark lawyer

Unregistered Trademarks Definition
Unregistered Trademarks Definition, An unregistered Trademark (TM) does not need to be registered in order to have legal protection against infringement. By Placing (TM) in the upper-right hand corner of the mark. - Trademark lawyer

U S Patent and Trademark Office Definition
U S Patent and Trademark Office Definition, USTPO - Copies of documents in an trademark application file, including, the application itself, Office action and copies of the registration certificate, can be ordered by telephone, fax, and over the Internet. - Trademark lawyer

Well Known Marks Definition
Well Known Marks Definition, What is a well-known trade mark? Same as Famous Mark. - Trademark lawyer

Willful Copyright Infringement Definition
Willful Copyright Infringement Definition, Unauthorized use of a copyright work, wherein the infringer is aware of the copyright. - Trademark lawyer

WIPO Definition
WIPO Definition, World Intellectual Property Organization. Dedicated specially for the protection of original works. - Trademark lawyer

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A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design, or a combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs, that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others. A service mark is the same as a trademark, except that it identifies and distinguishes the source of a service rather than a product.

A legal presumption of the trademark registrant's ownership of the mark and the registrant's exclusive right to use the mark nationwide on or in connection with the goods and/or services listed in the registration.
The ability to file the U.S. trademark registration with the U.S. Customs Service to prevent importation of infringing foreign goods.

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