Portfolio Discount definition

Portfolio Discount definition
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Portfolio Discount: Business Valuation / How much is my Business Worth?

If a business enterprise owns dissimilar operations or assets that do not fit well together then an amount or percentage is deducted from its value as Portfolio Discount.

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Definition: Portfolio Discount - Valuation information / Selling your corporation

Valuation of assets based on liquidity does not yield better results if the fair market value of assets is in excess of value of its assets on a liquidated basis.
Valuation approach is the general way which is followed to determine a value indication of a business, corporate ownership interest, security, or intangible asset.
Business Valuation is an estimation of the market value of a corporation / business. It differs from appraisal in the sense that appraisals only takes into consideraton the tangible assets, but a valuation considers intangible assets.

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